About LavaDistribution

LavaDistribution was founded in 2015 with a very specific goal, to serve the IP Telephony industry with turnkey products and solutions to uncomplicated the very complex industry that is the IP Telephony industry.

We have designed and partnered with very specific companies and product to be able to serve our customers with the best possible products and solutions available in the market today.

Although we might seem very new to the industry our personnel and experience carries over 70 years of IP Telephony experience that enables us the edge above our competitors. We have been servicing some of the leading system integrators, service providers and network operators in South Africa.

We only work with the best brands and service providers from all over the world to ensure our clients receive the best possible options the industry has to offer.

We have a very clear growth path with LavaDistribution and will focus on sub-Sahara Africa in the very near future.