About LavaServe

Lava Serve was created in 2012 from a desperate need for an IP PBX appliance for the 3CX market.
It took us 14 months of development before the first prototype came to light and have been innovating and changing the way telecom appliances are being utilized in the market today.

We have established ourselves as a hardware and software specific appliance manufacturer to service the need of customers that need their infrastructure at the premises and even in the cloud.

We have been extremely successful in creating a pre-configured, reliable product that our customers have known to love.

We have sold more than 1000 appliances to date with a less than 1% return rate.
It has served from small startup entities to listed companies and are continuing to make traction in the market.

We are continuing to innovate and evolve with our software partners and are expanding to boundaries outside of South Africa.